Awesome Brand Campaigns

How Does It Work

We understand your business is a reflection of yourself.  Your brand says a lot about you. 

We also know that putting up some google ads and seeing great results, is getting more and more difficult. 

There has been a shift in online advertising and that’s what we call:


Content to Commerce  


Content to commerce is creating great content by creators that then connect’s in real ways with your audience.

Your audience is more likely to take action to buy or become a lead to buy. 


Content to Commerce Brand Campaign Process


  1. Define Campaign objectives, leads, sales, awareness, or a combination. 
  2. We map out the User Generated Content (UGC) with our creators and influencers.
  3. We map out the traffic sources and the traffic flow to meet your objectives. youtube, google, facebook, insta, etc.
  4. We map out capturing the lead if the sale doesn’t happen or if the lead is the objective.
  5. We map out the sale even if its a lead campaign a lead should always come out to be a sale eventually. We can help here.
  6. We map out the backend to increase the average order size, and customer lifetime value. 
  7. Lastly we evaluate the UGC to ensure that it still works now that we have gone through all the objectives.  We ask can it be expanded and go from there.  
  8. Lastly we launch.  This process happens fairly quickly and you can have rockin campaigns up and going in now time. 


What the Brand Gets

There are a lot of different types of Brand Campaigns and objectives.  

We will meet with your to decide the objective. 



Is it Sales?,

Is it Leads? 

Is it Brand Awareness?

Is it a combination of all three?



Then we will bring in our best creators, influencers, designers, and IT to design a brand campaign that makes the most sense for your objectives.


Campaign Ideas

  • Reel Campaign with User Generated Content
  • Email Capture for Abandon or Lead Objective Campaign 
  • User Generated Content by Creator Concierges
  • Google, tiktok, youtube, facebook, instagram, pinterest, snap, twitter, quora, bing.
  • product unboxing campaigns
  • day in the life with your brand product or service 
  • product or service demo
  • product or service how to tutorial
  • product or service first impressions 
  • product or service edutainment
  • get ready with product or service 
  • reel product or service shots. 

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