Creator Concierge

As a creator you are always looking for great offers to blend in with your content. 


As a Creator Concierge you can put your skills to work interacting directly with brands you love and trust.  Making UGC content, sponsorships, ambassadorships, and more. 


 You will be  part of Brand Campaigns directly and add your input.  Once we find a campaign that works we will drive traffic to your channels to help promote the brand.  


We value you as a creator and want WPConcierge to be a place where you are more than a UGC mill.


Get paid what you are worth.  Like we said you are not another UGC mill.  You are a creator that adds indispensable value along the online brand track.  


Earning Options include but not limited too:

  • sponsorships
  • ambassadorships
  • direct affiliate options
  • unboxing
  • day in the life product placement
  • product demo
  • product review 
  • how to turorials
  • first impressions
  • get ready with me product placement
  • ugc videos 
  • product photography
  • voice over work. 
  • direct product videos


We connect creators directly Brands with awesome creators like yourself.  Build your own portfolio of Brands you work with.