Limited Time Ecommerce Package

Let me tell you a story! I am one of the best ecommerce consultants in the world! With over 20 years of ecommerce experience, I have seen all of today’s marketing channels come to light.  I saw the rise of twitter, facebook, the dominance of Google, the start of bing.  The rise of Amazon sellers marketplace and the begining of Walmart Market Place.   Now watching Sears and Target going into the marketplace is interesting to watch. 

Helping a range of clients over the years generate a combined list of over $1b.  I didnt say it someone else told me this and I am like year you are probably right.

Now I want to Share My Knowledge With More People

I will build, and help you build your ecommerce store to profitablity.  This still applies to existing ecommerce stores.

Heres what you get!   



Price Guarantee

If you show up to the weekly meetings, listen to and do what I say and after six months you haven’t made back your investment.  I will return the difference of your gross sales and this investment.  That’s how confident I am that I can help you sell.  6 months starts from after launch.   Your product should be allowed to be sold in Google Shopping.  If Google Shopping approves we can get into other marketplaces no problem  If your product is not a product they will approve.  The pricing guarantee is void.  Most products are allowed.    Please use the form below to apply. 

Offer FAQs

No I can help you source and brand your products.  This will not work for affiliate offers.  Should be a physical or digital product that can be sold and you control.  

Should take 10 to 20 business days to go live.  If only doing the setup and consulting setup could be as quick as 5 business days. 

After 6 months the cost will range from $97 a month to $5000 a month depending on the services you keep going with.  If you want to take your website and host elsewhere after the 6 months. You are allowed.  If you take your site elsewhere before 6 months the Price Guarantee is nulled.  

Yes, you will need to fulfill orders and deal with customer service.  You will also have SFTP / SSH access to your virtual server.  

During the 6 months we will provide general support requests at no additional charge.  Any content and design changes you will need to pay extra for.  You should be able to do most thing as we will use a website designer that is easy to use for most.  As a package member you get discounted update pricing. 

Limited To Select Store Owners!

I can’t do this for everyone.  But I am working to help more people and if your store makes sense then let’s do it.  Please use the below form to apply.