Dont waste time custom programming an integration into your ticketing system to HyperFair API. Use this Plugin which supports tickets to your
Virtual Event with Woocommerce, Memberpress, and I am sure others as requests come in.

This supports a single PLACE in Hyper Fairs Virtual Events. If you need multiple places ask us about a premium version.

Includes a short code [hyperfair-registration-login] that can be used any place a registrationed user is logged into your site and needs to login
to your Virtual Event with Hyper Fair.

You will need to have an active account with HyperFair and the following variables come from HyperFair.


PLACE NAME: This is the place name from HyperFair where your event is located

SECRET:  This is a token provided by Hyper Fair to use their API.

MODE:  When placed in “Test” no registration will be put into HyperFair.  So When you are ready to start adding registrants into HyperFair place the mode into “LIVE”