Order Postback Woo

URL to post to

This is the full url to the script that will receive the Woocommerce Order Values.


The Woocommerce order values are sent as a JSON object with the variable “json” as the body variable.  So the body of either the GET or POST will be ?json={ordervalues: json encoded}


If you place any variables in the url they will be ignored.  I may add a place for the free version at a later time.

Send a POST or GET

Choose if you want to send your request as a POST or GET.

Fields that are passed


  • billing_email
  • billing_phone
  • billing_first_name
  • billing_last_name
  • billing_company
  • billing_address_1
  • billing_address_2
  • billing_city
  • billing_state
  • billing_country

Shipping Fields

  • shipping_first_name
  • shipping_last_name
  • shipping_company
  • shipping_address_1
  • shipping_address_2
  • shipping_city
  • shipping_state
  • shipping_postcode
  • shipping_country

Order Details

  • order_tax
  • order_total
  • cart_discount
  • cart_discount_tax
  • order_shipping
  • order_shipping_tax
  • order_currency
  • payment_method
  • customer_ip_address
  • transaction_id
  • paid_date
  • customer_user
  • order_number
  • product_total: (sub-total before shipping and taxes)

Product Details:  this comes over as a json object assigned to the key “products:”

  • product_id
  • name
  • cost
  • quantity
  • sku

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