Security Concerns

Comparison: Sucuri vs WooSecured Security Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce


Security is the utmost priority while maintaining a website. Security plugins are now considered essential in running the websites smoothly. Hackers continuously invent new codes and methods to compromise the security of websites and extract crucial and sensitive data out of the websites and strangle the website’s integrity.


Although WooCommerce and WordPress CMS are built with keeping security as a crucial sell point, extra protection is always recommended to keep an extra layer of security from constantly advancing hacking methods. Selecting one security plugin that fits right on the customer’s requirements is a critical task. The following comparison will give clients insight into the Sucuri and WooSecured WordPress WooCommerce security plugins.

Functional Comparison


Sucuri is a security plugin that protects websites by providing free security hardening practices with premium firewall protection. It is a cloud security system aided by a firewall and CDN. It acts similar to Cloudflare as it directs websites to Sucuri DNS servers and gives protection to the website. Sucuri comes with a free plugin and a premium firewall.


WooSecured is a WordPress WooCommerce security plugin that removes malware from the website by scanning it. It now also includes a firewall to protect websites. The difference lies in the method of how scans are run over the websites. WooSecured copies all files to its own servers and runs malware scans there saving resources and load on the website.

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Website Hardening

Sucuri Security Plugin provides basic settings for WordPress security hardening using simple tweaks such as blocking directory PHP files, restricting file editing, etc. Whereas WooSecured provides multi-level website hardening steps from basic PHP blocking and disabling to advanced theme and plugin blocking steps. It also gives an extra security layer by changing security keys and passwords.

Login Protection Security

Sucuri only provides a firewall that can keep malicious hackers away from the website. It does not include any CAPTCHA protection, 2FA, or restriction on attempts, However, WooSecured provides CAPTCHA protection, restriction on Login Attempts, and 2 factors authenticators. It provides multi-level security to the WordPress or WooCommerce website.

Malware Scanning

In the free version, Sucuri only provides front-end scanning of the website, in the paid version it offers complete website scanning and shows the WordPress website integrity in its meter. WooSecured has laid emphasis on malware scanning and removal service. Malware scanning is its strong sell point as it provides complete scanning of the files from the frontend to the backend of the WordPress WooCommerce website.

Security Plugin Packages

Sucuri offers a free basic security plugin with a premium firewall that comes in basic monthly, pro monthly, and business yearly packages. These packages are integrated per domain. WooSecured comes in monthly and yearly packages including all the security features as provided in the portfolio. WooSecured is also integrated per domain.


Bottom Line

Given a comparison of Sucuri versus WooSeucred, it can be concluded that both security plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce offer protection in their own methods. Sucuri provides a cloud CDN security server aided with its firewall. Whereas WooSecured provides in-depth malware scanning and removal service in its security plugin. Depending on the nature of the website, clients can opt for their preferred plugin.


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