Security Concerns

Comparing WooSecured with MalCare


Running WordPress or WooCommerce websites successfully is a task that requires constant scrutiny and security from malicious attacks. It is not pertinent to use a reliable security plugin to run websites smoothly without any unwanted intervention or attack.


The markets are flooded with different kinds of security plugins and choosing the right one that fits the customer’s requirement is a hectic task. This comparison of the WooSecured with the MalCare security plugin will give you an outlook to decide which plugin you will choose for your WordPress WooCommerce website protection.

Security Scans

WooSecured security plugin provides Daily Deep Malware Scans and Daily Website Scans in all of its packages. It also includes Website Cleanup depending on the package. MalCare security plugin also provides Daily Malware Scan and automatic scans. The difference lies in deep malware scanning as WooSecured Security Plugin Scans each and every component of the WordPress WooCommerce website and removes any malware from the site after the scan.

Security Plugin Packages

WooSecured gives more options while integrating it with the website. It gives yearly and monthly plans for single domains. With premium packages providing real-time alerts via email for any security threats to the Website. However, MalCare only offers yearly packages giving variations in domain count per package.

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Brute Force Attacks

WooSecured security plugin provides prevention from Brute Force Attacks that can cause serious damage to the website. DDOS and other brutal hacking attacks can be prevented by the WooSecured security plugin. Whereas, MalCare does not mention Brute Force Attack Prevention.

Database Inspection

WooSecured security plugin provides Database Inspection for Malicious Codes. It gives malware detection and removal when any malware in the database is detected. Whereas, MalCare does not promise anything of this sort. Database protection is an enhanced feature that provides complete security that can be compromised even after scans.

Minimal False Alarms

WooSecured when integrated with WordPress or WooCommerce minimizes false alarms for security and keeps the website secured without any unnecessary hassle. However, MalCare does not ensure minimizing false alarms. Clients might get unnecessary notifications regarding security. It is essential to keep the client’s peace of mind without interrupting them from fake alarms. Security Plugins are integrated to protect and run websites automatically without any personal approach from the client.

Intelligent Attacks Detection

WooSecured security plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce is triggered when intelligent AI-based attacks are conducted and acts to mitigate attacks and protect the website’s integrity. Whereas, MalCare does not provide any information regarding Intelligent Attack Signal Detection by its security plugin.


Bottom Line

Security plugins from MalCare and WooSecured for WordPress and WooCommerce are secure plugins. However, WooSecured takes an edge over performance as it provides multi-level security to the website. WooSecured gives better options with monthly and yearly packages and additional features that are reliable to protect websites from malware attacks and activities. WooSeucred security plugin comes with additional support from WP Concierges making it the user’s choice plugin. Give us a call for any query on installment or security of the website. 


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