Woo Mail Poet Pro and WpConcierges

WpConcierges completes purchase of Woo Mail Poet Pro

As companies are working to increase their online presence, WpConcierges has been here to help facilitate their online ecommerce expansion through WooCommerce Super Optimized Hosting, Support, Development, and Design.

We’ve been thrilled with our growth over the past year, and look forward to expanding our offerings through plugin development and customization.

Our fastest-growing plugin, Order Postback for WooCommerce, allows merchants to better track their affiliate sales by easily sending conversion data to affiliate networks.

WooSecured secures, and keeps merchants WooCommerce Stores update to date and protected from bad apples.

Autopopulate Checkout for WooCommerce allows merchants to pass in data from another site and populate the WooCommerce checkout.

Our customers have enjoyed these plugins throughout 2020, and we’re happy to add one more to our arsenal!


Introducing: Woo Mail Poet PRO

MailPoet was recently purchased by WooCommerce to offer a better email integration into WooCommerce.  With 300,000 active customers already using Mail Poet, the need for a PRO version with expanded features was inevitable.

Another exciting item with this purchase is it also provides direct access to WooCommerce/MailPoet core development teams.

In addition to providing access to Woocommerce & MailPoet core development teams, WpConcierges has created a road map of premium features for MailPoet PRO:

  • Automated Sequence Setup with 7 prebuilt Auto responder series for different verticals.
  • Mail Poet Subscriber Trigger Rules
  • Additional Templates
  • Additional Short codes for Email Content
  • and much more to come

You can find the current version of Woo Mail Poet at