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WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

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WooCommerce sale surveys show that stores that actively exhibit discount offers and coupons are more likely to increase their sales and engage customers proportionately. There are 18 extensions at the WooCommerce extensions store that offers different discount coupons to the customers. Generally, there are 3 types of coupon discount offers which includes:

Percentage Discount: It offers a discount in the percentage of the entire order value.

Fixed Cart Discount: It offers a discount of a fixed amount, say $10 on the entire order.

Fixed Product Discount: It offers discounts on specific products only at the checkout.

Coupons can be generated by the default coupon management system in WooCommerce. The inbuilt coupon system has limited features, therefore, there are multiple plugins developed to cater to different types of coupons to offer discounts and maximize sales and store growth. WooCommerce coupon plugins offer additional services to give multiple offers to the customers, following are the provided plugins:

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Review for Discount is developed by WooCommerce that offers discount coupons for customers that write reviews on products. It can be redeemed at checkout or emailed to the reviewers. Costs $29 yearly.

WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns, developed by WooCommerce offer creation and real-time analytical data for coupon campaigns directly to the dashboard. $49 charged yearly.

Smart Coupons, developed by StoreApps is an all-in-one coupon plugin offering coupon campaigns, designs, discount codes, credit discounts, gifts, subscriptions, giveaways, vouchers, and promotions. It is a comprehensive plugin offered for $99 per year.

Coupon Shortcodes, developed by itthinx. It provides short coupon-related codes on the purchase screen to give information about the coupon codes that are available to the customer on fulfilling certain conditions. It is free of charge and is used for upselling via coupon code availability.

URL Coupons, developed by SkyVerge provides URL discounts that overcome the coupon box barrier, therefore offer enhanced conversions. Discounts can be shared via a unique URL to many customers. Offered at $49 yearly.

Free Gift Coupons, developed by Backcourt Development. This WooCommerce coupon promotion plugin offers free gifts to the user with specific spending and therefore entices customers to spend more on the store. It is charged $29 yearly.

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Coupon Referral Program,  developed by MakeWebBetter provides coupons to referrals and referred. It provides easy coupon sharing URLs to the referrals to their knowns. Further, it offers a variety of different types of coupons to both customers. It is billed only for $29 yearly.


Group Coupons, developed by itthinx offers coupon service for specific groups as defined by the store owners. This coupon service is available for subscriptions, registered customers or distributors, etc. It is charged $49 annually.


WooCommerce Coupon Restriction, developed by DevPress gives additional functions to WooCommerce coupon services such as creating restrictions of coupons available only to new users, old users, user roles (VIP/custom), customized countries, states, or zip code areas. It is billed at $49 yearly.

Birthday Discount Coupon, developed by KoalaApps is a unique WooCommerce plugin that lets the customers give their birthdays on registration or checkout and then automatically sen coupon codes on birthdays. Birthday coupons have a higher success rate and it is charged $39 each year.

Scratch Coupon for WooCommerce, developed by WP1 offers a last-minute coupon popup for retaining customers on the screen. It is offered for $29 yearly.

Coupons Pro for WooCommerce, developed by FantasticPlugins offers minimal coupon service on the product page which simply offers checkbox coupon enabling. It can also be used for the previous inactive customers for re-engagement. It is charged $79 per year.


Sale Flash Pro, developed by WooCommerce, offers discounted prices of the products without offering coupon codes about them. It is charged $49 annually.


Product Bundle, developed by SomewhereWarm, offers bundle discount offers for multiple products and it is mostly used for products that come in relevance. It is also charged $49 annually.

Store Credit, developed by Themesquad offers rewards for loyal customers in the form of credit offers to the customer. The customers in this plugin are offered credits that can be redeemed on the store, therefore increasing sales. It is also charged $79 annually.

Popup, developed by POWR is a powerful popup upselling WooCommerce plugin extension that shows discount offers at the time when the customer is exiting the site. It can also work for capturing email and just priced for $39 charged annually.

Gift Card Product for WooCommerce, developed by Pixel Hero is a gift card coupon generator that the customers can use to generate coupons for specific products and then send such gift cards to other people who can redeem such gift cards. It is charged $49 yearly and integrates with the WooCommerce coupon system.

All these plugin extensions for WooCommerce are available in the marketing category and promotions sub-category of the extension store. Except for Smart Coupons, all plugins come with their charges.

To select the best coupon plugin, one should analyze the use of their products and store and then pick one. Combining many similar plugins will not be beneficial as sticking one strong plugin is.



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