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What is Elementor?

The Elementor extension is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor plugin that is designed to be an intuitive way for the average person with no web design experience to be able to design their web pages the way they want, live.

Gone are the days of the need to move between the editor and the preview modes in the backend of wordpress. Instead you get a very nice and very easy to use drag and drop interface to create your websites from scratch yourself!

This Extension does an amazing job at bridging the gaps with hundreds of templates to choose from to get you started.

With a pretty large developer community this extension comes loaded with features even in the the free core version. But with all the support it also means that they are constantly working to improve functionality and smooth operations. So less glitches and less lag means you feel in complete control without the intimidation.

What Does Elementor Cost?

The Free Core Elementor
As stated previously the free version of Elementor comes loaded with goodies. You will be given access to the visual, drag-and-drop editor along with an array of style capabilities and designed widgets of all types to get you going with your content.

If your goal is to design and develop some basic content pages and/or landing pages the free core version of Elementor will probably give you all you need.

That said if you are wanting to go all out and use Elementor to design your entire site, Elementor Pro will make you feel like a web design super hero.

Elementor Pro
Built on top of the free core version of Elementor, Elementor Pro is a super charged tool for designers and professionals of all stripes.

Elementor Pro gives you the ability to really build your entire theme. This includes built in abilities to create custom interfaces, headers, footers, blog post templates and even transactional pages such as 404 pages when people get lost or hit a broken link. The Pro version also lets you create custom design palettes for your entire site. It’s pretty remarkable.

Included with it is also the ability to build onto the WooCommerce builder for your shop and single product page templates.