Funnels and One Step Checkout Plugins

WooCommerce Funnels and One Step Checkout Plugins

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E-commerce has evolved in the past few years and now with an ever-increasing number of online stores it has become harder for store owners to retain customers at the website. One of the crucial steps in online purchasing is the checkout page, therefore, the checkout page must be a simple user interface for maximum conversions.

WooCommerce checkout page in its default format does not offer anything else and retaining customers on the checkout page is the most crucial part in bringing the online transactions to the E-commerce store. The checkout page can be customized via changing CSS or PHP of the theme for the page, but it is not recommended to make changes in the code as it can cause malfunctioning of other associated extensions.

To overcome this and keep customers retained on the checkout page, WooCommerce plugins and extension stores have a huge variety in providing multiple kinds of checkout plugins.

There are different kinds of services that are offered by these checkout plugins. These funnel plugins help store owners to give special offers and services right on the checkout page without breaking the customers’ psychological trigger of purchasing.

Studies show that customers who are exposed to a single checkout screen are more inclined to complete the purchase than those who are redirected to another window when they go looking for something else. Some of these improvements in the checkout page that can be achieved by WooCommerce plugins are:

Add-Ons / Upsell Products or Services

By offering additional similar products on the same product page increases order value. These products are often offered in bundles or limited-time offers. Plugins integrate with stores to offer such products at the same checkout page without diverting customer’s attention.

One Page Checkout

One-page checkout plugins and extensions in WooCommerce offer mobility to customers to keep adding products in the same cart on the products page and clicking checkout immediately checks out all the products in the cart.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

These plugins show customers on the checkout page that visitors on the WooCommerce website are buying products from the store. It creates social proof for visiting customers regarding online store credibility.

Social Accounts Login

These plugins offer simple account creation procedures by linking the already made social account on any other platform. It waives visitors and customers to put their credentials to make their account and therefore retains customers on the same page.

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WooCommerce Checkout Page Offered Plugins at Marketplace

WooCommerce offers 73 checkout plugins on the extension store. These plugins help in modifying checkout pages and offer additional services to increase sales and customers’ attention. Following are checkout page enhancing extensions:

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All these plugins offered at the WooCommerce extension store aid in enhancing the checkout page. These plugins provide a number of tasks which can be simply customized according to the need of the customers.

These changes are made without having any trouble in changing the CSS or code language of the store. All of these plugins are charged annually by WooCommerce.


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