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Theme Trouble Shooting and Installation

Make sure you look over your site for common issues.  Here’s some things to look for. 

WooCommerce > Settings > Notifications


Be sure you’re using an active theme that is regularly updated.  Otherwise, WooCommerce updates can break the site by using a theme from an outdated template.


Focus on the following areas of the staging site for testing the WooCommerce core plugin and WooCommerce plugin update:


  • Does the shop page load correctly?
  • Do single product pages load correctly?
  • Can you add products to cart?
  • Does the Cart page load correctly?
  • Does the Checkout page load correctly?
  • Does the My Account page load correctly?


After you’ve tested the WooCommerce plugin and other related plugin updates on the staging site and everything is working correctly, select a low traffic volume time frame for updating the live site. After updating address the same areas that you did while updating the staging site. Check from the order list page in your WordPress dashboard to validate that you can still see new orders being made correctly, with the payment gateway information being saved in the order notes.


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