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Hosting Service Features by WP Concierges


WP Concierges along with a number of other products and services also provides Hosting service. The first question that pops into the minds of the viewers is that what’s so special about this hosting service that differentiates it from other available hosting service providers? To answer this, we have gathered some of the determining factors of our Hosting Service.

Malware Protection

WP Concierges Web Hosting Service is built by ensuring security above all other features. With the help of security protection tools also available separately for WordPress and WooCommerce websites, the hosted websites are protected from any malicious attack. With state of the art protection technology of CDN, the hosting service security system works just like Cloudflare to protect against any security breach. It protects the website’s data and sensitive information.

Malicious Scanning

WIth specialized scanning system the hosting service will also provide complete website scans for detecting any malware in the log files and data files of the website. These scans detect malicious codes that may harm the website’s integrity or steal sensitive data like login information, customer’s credentials or order details. It also removes such malicious codes from the website. Using WP Concierges hosting service, data is protected making the website secure both externally and internally

WooCommerce Updates Management

With this website hosting service, another added feature is automatic updates management. Using the latest version of WooCommerce keeps the website bug-free. WP Concierges Hosting Service updates automatically the latest version of WooCommerce available without any manual interference. It keeps the websites protected and updated with the latest versions.

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Plugin Update Management

Any plugins that are associated with websites need to be updated regularly to protect the integrity and security of the website. WP Concierges Hosting Service also provides complete management of the plugins and extensions associated with the WordPress or WooCommerce website. It automatically scans for plugins that need to be updated and conducts an update mechanism without any manual hassle.

Brand Emails

Professional websites and E-commerce stores have their own emails associated with the URL or any other brand name. WP Concierges gives an added feature of Custom Brand Emails that can help customers boost their marketing strategy and recognition. It is not charged extra and comes in the WP Concierges Hosting Package. These secure email addresses serve authenticity to WordPress websites and WooCommerce online stores. Getting all this under one hosting platform waives the hassle to manage emails on other platforms.

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Bottom Line

WP Concierges Hosting Service brings an all-in-one platform to host the websites securely on our virtual and private servers across the globe to provide an uninterrupted and protected platform to websites and online stores equally. The packages given by WP Concierges Hosting service vary in the price range reflecting different added features that are not normally found in other hosting platforms. The added features give an extra layer of security and independence by relieving customers from other extra services. Get in touch with our expert professionals to obtain the best package that suits your requirements.


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