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Complete WooCommerce Store Setup

Are you ready to build an online store that has everything you need to attract & convert your ideal customers?

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We Start with an Awesome User Experience

We have the resources, experience, and tools to build an online store that will bring the right people to your virtual storefront, and turn them into paying customers!  We create ecommerce experiences. Personalized professionally built and designed ecommerce online stores.


Using a 5-step process, we’ll create your brand experience and launch your site!

Technical setup done right

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway interfaces with the online store, the credit card companies, and your bank.  WooCommerce supports pretty much every gateway out there, and we know the processes to set them up! Ecommerce Development on your terms! 

Product Management

Do you have a lot of products with a lot of attributes? We can import them in one fell swoop, saving you time and headache! 

Inventory Management & Fullfillment Houses

When setting up your store, we’ll make sure that your inventory tools and fulfillment house are connected to your online storefront. This will allow you to spend more time driving sales, and less time managing orders!

Back End Setup

We’ll set up the back end of your WooCommerce store, specifying currency type, whether you sell physical or digital products, payment gateways, shipping options, taxes, SKUs, and more. 

Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting

As a business owner, you expect to understand how your customers and potential customers are interacting with your brand, how they are purchasing, what they are purchasing and for how much.  This is a lot of data that can be gathered these days if set up properly.  

Tracking Pixel Setup

A tracking pixel is used to gather user behavior and conversion data, allowing you to see what people are doing on your site. The main pixels we install are for Facebook,  Google Ads, Google Analytics. We can use your existing account and tracking pixels, or set you up with new ones.


We can also set up tracking pixels for affiliate networks or alternate PPC networks (such as Bing ads). We’ve even developed plugins specifically for affiliate tracking. 


Once we’ve set up the pixels, our team can train you on what to look for so that you can understand users’ behavior on your site. This will then allow you to make changes that appeal to your customers, and increase your profits!


We also offer ongoing analytics consulting and support to help you identify other conversion opportunities. These can show up on a category page, product page, cart, in an email, and elsewhere. 


We’ll send you easy-to-understand reports which will help you answer questions such as:

  • What’s my return on ad spend?
  • How many people are adding items to their carts? Completing purchases?
  • Which pages are the most popular?
  • Which channels are driving the most conversions?


Knowing the numbers will ultimately help you increase your profits!

We Take Security Seriously

Imagine waking up to a flood of messages from users complaining that they’re getting redirected to spam sites, or an email from Google saying that your site has been flagged as unsafe! Over 30,000 WordPress sites are hacked on a daily basis. Rest assured that yours won’t be one of them when you work with us!


We’ve developed our own WooCommerce security plugin which handles several things for you:


  • Malware scans
  • Firewall
  • Prevents brute force attacks
  • Hardens your WordPress site
  • Manages plugins, themes, and users
  • Tracks small file changes
  • Gives you real-time email alerts


To learn more, check out the WooSecured plugin page.

Super Fast Hosting

Before we launch, we determine your hosting needs. The files that make up your website are hosted on a server, and when a user clicks a link or types in a URL, the web browser pings the server and pulls up the files.

Smaller sites don’t need a lot of server space, while others need more. ECommerce sites can be particularly large, especially as their category and product pages grow!

We place a starter site on a single virtual server, which allows each of our customers’ sites to have their own dedicated resources. Other hosting companies place your site on a big server, and take a “first come, first serve” approach to allocating server resources. As a result, your site may be blazing fast sometimes, and slower at others. We can work with you to speed up your site as much as possible, but some of that depends on your host.

To learn more about what our hosting plans include, take a look at the hosting page.

SEO, Pixel Setup, and Email Marketing


As part of your site launch, we’ll also make sure that it appears in search engines by setting up the following:


  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Search Console
  • XML sitemap
  • robots.txt file
  • SSL certificate

Each of these elements is important, as they give search engine crawlers specific instructions on how to crawl and index your site. This in turn affects how it appears in search engine results.



Prior to launch, we’ll help you make sure that your social media accounts are set up. The accounts that you post on will depend on your target audience. At the very least, we strongly recommend posting on Facebook and Instagram, since it’s easy to integrate your WooCommerce product feed into the Facebook Business back end. 

Other good platforms to post on include Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, and YouTube.



To capitalize on your email marketing, you’ll first need an email capture form on your site. We’ll set that up, and get you on the path to success. Once that’s good to go, we can recommend specific email marketing providers that integrate with your ecommerce store. 

We’ll also help you repurpose your emails into blog content and social posts, turning your social presence into a well-oiled machine.

Paid Ads and Affiliate Marketing

When we set up your tracking pixels, we’re setting up the accounts you need to attract visitors to your site.  Please note that for these types of visitors, you’ll need to invest in online ad campaigns. 

Running paid ads takes a lot of skill to get a return on your investment. Fortunately, we have partners that we work with to maximize your return on ad spend. We mainly work with the following advertising networks:


  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Yahoo Ads via Bing
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Bing Shopping Ads
  • Content Marketing Ads via Outbrain and Taboola


Other pay per click advertising networks include Google AdSense (ads on blogs), or affiliate marketing through social media influencers. These networks require more direct outreach and relationship building than running paid ads. However, it can be done, as each channel has unique audiences, and allows you to reach highly specific customer verticals.


Any WooCommerce store that does not have a strong affiliate program set up and proper tracking in place should not be online.  If your store lacks these things, you’re throwing money down the drain! 

We can set tracking and ad campaigns up for you, make payout recommendations, and suggest where to find affiliates. 


If you’d like to learn more about our methods, we expand on affiliate marketing and paid ads here.

Wp Concierges founder is also the founder of the first ever hosted shopping cart.  The shopping cart proceeded shopping carts like Shopify and Volusion.  With his guidance we are now a leading provider of ecommerce web site design and experts in creating ecommerce designs that convert your traffic into customers.  


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