Track metrics that matter

With Linkedin Insights

LinkedIn Insight Tag Manager

Easily track website conversions from your LinkedIn programs in your Campaign Manager analytics.


At a glance, understand your LinkedIn advertising ROI, conversion count, cost-per-conversion, conversion rate, and more. You can even track which audience segments are driving the most conversions.


Record every conversion, every time. Track conversions from desktop and mobile, whether members converted after clicking on one of your ads, or even after viewing an ad.

Optimize your campaigns to drive even better performance. Monitor the specific campaigns, ads, and the nature of the audiences that are driving conversions. Use this information to improve your sponsored content and text ad targeting, creative, and offers. Maximize the downstream impact to your lead and opportunity pipeline goals.


Once you install the LinkedIn Insight Tag Manager you can find the settings under Tools -> LinkedIn Insights.



You will only need one item from your LinkedIn Ad Manager — the Insight Tag Id.  


To find this, go to your “LinkedIn Campaign Manager,” click on “Account Assets,” click on Insight Tag, then click on “I will install the tag myself.”


On the top of the Javascript code you can find “_linkedin_partner_id = “XXXXXXX.” The “XXXXXXX” is your tag ID, and will be needed to place in the LinkedIn Insight Tag plugin.


The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a piece of lightweight JavaScript code that you can add to your website to enable in-depth campaign reporting and unlock valuable insights about your website visitors. 

As a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions customer, you can use the LinkedIn Insight Tag to track conversions, retarget website visitors, and unlock additional insights about members interacting with your ads.

To learn more about the Insight Tag go to LinkedIn.  Their full FAQ can be found here.

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