Virtual Event Enhancement

Harness The power of hyperfair

HyperFair Registration for WooCommerce

With virtual events becoming more and more commonplace, Hyperfair provides an immersive virtual event space that goes beyond video calls. 



Our Hyperfair registration plugin allows users who are registered for a Hyperfair virtual event to log in from your website — no separate tab required!


The [hyperfair-registration-login] shortcode can be placed anywhere on your site, and allows registered users to access the virtual conference environment quickly and easily. 


Please note that you will need an active HyperFair account for the plugin and shortcodes to work correctly. 



PLACE NAME: This is the place name from HyperFair where your event is located


SECRET:  This is a token provided by Hyper Fair to use their API.


MODE:  When placed in “Test” no registration will be put into HyperFair.  So When you are ready to start adding registrants into HyperFair place the mode into “LIVE”

Pro Version

  • Short Codes


These are short codes that will work with Memberpress/WooCommerce  and Hyper Fair Registration. 


  • [hyperfair-registration-login] – hyperfair registration link. 
  • [hyperfair-registration-future] – list of future events 
  • [hyperfair-registration-current] – list of current events.
  • [hyperfair-registration-expired] – list of expired events.
  • [hyperfair-registration-active] – list of active events. 


With these registrations, you can make a sweet dashboard of events and control access to Content vaults and hyperfair. 


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