Maximize your email marketing

With WooMailPoet

Woo MailPoet

MailPoet is a powerful email marketing service that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website. With MailPoet, you can send order-confirmation emails, welcome new subscribers, segment your email list to deliver highly-targeted content, create custom signup forms, and automatically share your latest blog posts — all from your WordPress dashboard!


MailPoet eliminates the need to sign in to an external email marketing service provider, and allows you to control everything from the back end of your WordPress website.

Improve Your WooCommerce Email Marketing

WooMailPoet allows you to nurture customer relationships by sending targeted emails based on the product or product category that the customer selected. 


Let’s say that you run an apparel store. WooMailPoet allows you to send emails based on the category (women’s jeans, men’s shirts, etc), or by the specific product (men’s button-down shirts, women’s skinny jeans, etc). 

WooMailPoet also encourages your customers to sign up for your email list as they’re checking out, thereby alerting them to future deals that they may be interested in.


In addition to catching customers in the checkout line, WooMailPoet also allows you to create abandoned-cart emails. These are a powerful way to bring users back to  your site, and encourage them to complete their purchase.

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