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Starting an online website for business or any other use is easy and nowadays it takes only a few minutes to set up the newly created website. The main task while creating a website is choosing the right components for long-lasting and hassle-free operations. The most important factor that contributes to the smooth running of the website is the hosting service. Hosting service allows users to access the website over the internet. WP Concierges provides an inclusive hosting service with several amenities and extraordinary features that can lift your WooCommerce website to another level of success.

Why Choose WP Concierges Hosting Services?

To put this into perspective, WP Concierges works to provide expert WordPress and WooCommerce services. It includes plugins, support, security protection, troubleshooting websites, and other WordPress and WooCommerce services. WordPress and WooCommerce hosting services provide all-inclusive services and features that will help your website grow exponentially.

Traditional Physical Servers

WP Concierges offers physical server hosting services with 3 packages. Physical servers are provided in this category.

The Basic Package includes 25 hosting accounts in a single purchase with a free SSL certificate. It is a shared hosting service.


The Shared Hosting package gives 100 accounts for hosting websites with the same features as that of the basic hosting package.


For Enterprise Hosting WP Concierges render customized plans according to the enterprise/company requirements. A hosting expert will be provided to guide you with the best combination of hosting features. Dedicated servers are provided for Enterprise Hosting. It also includes Complex PCI-compliant configurations.


Virtual Private Server Hosting

Today virtual servers are more often used to provide efficiency and speed to websites. Virtual servers render the same services just as physical servers with more efficiency and speed across the globe for accelerated website access. It also helps in keeping the website up without any abruption regardless of any issue in the servers. WP Concierges provides 3 packages for Virtual Private Servers.

Premium WOO offers a Free SSL Certificate for the security and authenticity of the website. It is hosted on virtual private servers. The processing power of Dual Core is provided with 4GB RAM and 80GB SSD Storage. Data transfer up to 2TB is supported with 3 accounts on a single Virtual Server. It is the most popular package for virtual servers and is mostly used by medium-sized stores providing E-Commerce services.

Elite WOOCOMMERCE is a specialized package that in addition to Premium WOO provides 4 Cores, 8GB RAM, 160GB SSD, and 5TB Data Transfer. In addition to these features, Malware Scanning on the website and Security Protection for malicious attacks are also included. WP Concierges as a champion of WooCommerce and WordPress also includes WooCommerce Updates Management and Plugin Updates Management services in this package. This package also includes 2 dedicated Brand email addresses for clients opting for this package.


High Traffic Package also includes all these features with the addition of 4 dedicated Brand emails addresses, 6 Cores, 16GB RAM, 320GB SSD Storage, and 6TB of data transfer on the websites. This package is for high-traffic websites that are receiving thousands of orders and unlimited traffic per day.


You can always upgrade or downgrade the package according to the requirements of the websites.

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