A Review of WooCommerce Extensions by Category

Click on a Plugin Category to view the available plugins for each section of WooCommerce.  Each Plugin has our youtube review.


Designers & Page Builders

Designing a WooCommerce store and customizing it is necessary for branding and usability. Following the best practices allows you to provide a highly intuitive user experience. These extensions gives owners the ability to modify their e-commerce website using a simple drag and drop design interface.


Email Template Design Plugins

Beautiful branded email campaigns are the lynchpin of success for any ecommerce brand. If you aren’t scaling with email you are not maximizing revenue and nurturing your community of customers. These extensions will give you the tools you need to maximize your brand awareness and sales.


Membership Plugins

Membership plugins give you the ability to customize the user experience based on who they are and what kind of membership they have. This can include online courses, specialty products, special offers as well as exclusive content & user interfaces.


Subscription Plugins

Subscription programs give you the ability to bill your clients in recurring intervals. Whether it be for product, content, or access to interact with professionals, subscription based billing can build up fast, while keeping your customers happy and engaged.


Order Management Plugins

Whether you need an easier way to manage your inventory, or you need to integrate a more complex multi-channel/multi-fulfillment management software, there are very good options for WooCommerce integration that will give you the tools you need to succeed.


One Step Checkout Plugins

Optimizing sales often means removing as many obstacles as one can in the checkout process. In default form WooCommerce checkout does not offer a one step checkout process. However there are excellent extensions that create this possibility! Let’s optimize those sales!


Marketing & Social Proof Plugins

Taking advantage of social proof is a very powerful means of optimizing your sales. Whether you are online, in a real world retail setting, or simply watching commercials on television, social proof is often deployed to encourage action.


Coupon Plugins

What better way to engage your customer base than with promotions? Who doesn’t like to get a deal on products or services they really need/want? Coupons are an excellent way to bridge the gap between sales action and sales inaction! 


Shipping Plugins

One of the most important aspects of any online ecommerce brand is the ability to seamlessly integrate shipping solutions and management into the process. There are many options both free as well as plugins that are premium. Choose wisely as this is really not where you want a break down in the process.


Tax Plugins

Tax laws change often (because evil is real…). Managing those changes can be a nightmare without the right plugins to support you. We have identified a few extensions that will help you navigate your way through each geo location to ensure you are appropriately charging the correct tax rates and staying compliant.


Reporting Plugins

If you aren’t staying on top of your stores performance, than how do you know where you stand? Knowledge is power and if that’s the case, these are probably some of the most powerful plugins you should think about integrating with your WooCommerce store’s back end.


Pixel Tracking Plugins

Often referred to as Conversion Tracking, Pixel Tracking is how major ecommerce brands determine where their traffic is coming from and who should be paid for this traffic upon conversion. Pixel Tracking is what allows you to run a highly successful affiliate program.


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