Available Shipping Plugins

WooCommerce Shipping Plugins List and Services

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Shipping on WooCommerce

To grow business in a hassle-free manner, each physical product store needs a comprehensive method of costing the orders based on their attributes such as weight, volume, speed of delivery, method of delivery, and value of the order. Operating a business online requires attention to detail when it comes to shipping packages to customers. Factors such as cost of packaging, cost of delivery, and handling costs are to be determined by the store owner at a fair ratio. So the customer does not feel ripped off while seeing shipping charges and higher shipping costs increases abandoned carts.

WooCommerce offers shipping plugins and shipping extensions to integrate with online stores and offer real-time shipping costs. Some of these plugins are free while others charge annually for managing “shipping”.

WooCommerce hosts 65 plugins that relate to shipping. All these shipping plugins provide single or multiple shipping services in a single plugin. They are further divided into categories depending upon the service they provide. There are generally 3 types of shipping services offered via shipping plugins. Some of these services are offered in combination by some shipping plugins while some services are exclusively provided by single plugins.

Shipping Carriers

Shipping carriers are the companies that deliver packages to destinations. These companies offer shipping rates based on weight, location (domestic/ international), speed, and size. These are third-party shipping companies. They show live shipping rates from major shipping companies around the globe. There are 22 plugins at WooCommerce marketplace that offer shipping carrier services as enlisted below:


Delivery and Shipping Options

Delivery and shipping options give a total account of all the shipping methods that are available to opt while placing an order. It gives real time figures from different carriers to customers such as cost with respect to weight, size and delivery method that is by sea or air so that they can opt for themselves the best shipping carrier with their acceptable rates. WooCommerce offers multiple plugins that give delivery and shipping options form different sources. There are 23 such plugin extensions as below:

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Inventory and Fulfillment

The third type of category for shipping is inventory and fulfillment. Where there is involvement of third party fulfillment solutions, these shipping plugins are used. These plugins take away the hassle of integrations and prompting the fulfillment center on each order. Most of these services offer complete automation of the WooCommerce store. Some of the plugins are similar to those available previously and some are exclusive to this category.


All these plugins are available at WooCommerce for shipping category and offer services as mentioned above.


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