Pixel Tracking Plugins

WooCommerce Pixel Tracking Plugins

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WooCommerce is no doubt the best WordPress plugin that provides simplified e-commerce solutions. 30% of global e-commerce websites are integrated with WooCommerce. The reason behind such exponential growth goes to the availability of independent plugin integration with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is in itself a complete solution, although it allows other plugins to integrate with it for more specified operations.


Tracking on WooCommerce comes with limited features and therefore it is highly recommended to install other plugins with the WooCommerce store for detailed analysis. With plugins, owners are able to view the real-time performance on their websites. These performance analytics show real-time data about the number of visitors, the performance of ad campaigns, analysis of customer behavior on the store, redirects and visitors from other social platforms, tracking conversions, the bounce rate of customers from product pages, bounce rate from the home page, tracking customer behavior according to the locations, checkout funnel performance, visitors on blog pages and other realtime information about the performance of the WooCommerce website.

Conversion Tracking & Pixel Tracking Plugins

There are many plugins that can be installed on the WooCommerce website to gain detailed information about the customer behavior on the store, some of these include:

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All these plugins provide real-time conversion tracking. Some of these are specialized plugins that work on only certain platforms while some of them work independently. These plugins are made to give advanced marketing strategies to all kinds of stores.

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