Security Concerns

Is WooCommerce Secure?


The most frequently asked question regarding WooCommerce is whether WooCommerce is secure or not. To put into perspective, WooCommerce is in itself a secure platform as being an e-Commerce plugin for WordPress. It is developed with the most advanced security systems to protect e-Commerce websites. However, there are certain weak points that need protection from external threats and hackers to secure the WordPress WooCommerce website as a whole.


Starting e-Commerce business or transitioning from other platforms to WooCommerce comes with doubts. Most businesses deal with sensitive data regarding their customers that includes login details, passwords, account details and credit card information. Adding to that the backend information that is stored in the website also needs security protection especially where access is given to people other than the owner.

The major areas where a WooCommerce site needs security includes:

Third Party Plugins and Extensions

The biggest threat to WooCommerce secure platform is the existence of third party plugins. As some of these plugins are not owned by WooCommerce or WordPress, they are not as secure as the platform itself. It creates vulnerability and hackers can attack to get sensitive data from such loopholes. It is always recommended to regularly check the security of the WooCommerce store and always use the updated version of third party plugins and extensions. Updating regularly to the latest version automatically blocks the download of vulnerable plugins and extensions that are marked malware.

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Login Security Protections

Another security concern is the login page of the WooCommerce website as nowadays due to multiplicity of online accounts, passwords need special protection. Another factor is shared accounts where the same password is used for administrator account and other employee accounts. It makes WooCommerce vulnerable to security breach and spillage. Separate accounts for all employees and strong protected passwords must be used to ensure WooCommerce safety and prevent security breaches. Activity log must be used regularly to view the changes made by others on the WooCommerce account. Employees and other accounts must have restricted access according to their roles in the e-Commerce business. There should also be limited login attempts to increase further security of the platform.


Themes that layout WooCommerce website design are also owned by third parties. Using expired themes or unpaid premium themes creates severe security threats as they come with loopholes for hackers to get access to the website. Saving a few bucks on premium themes can cause breach of security. Always use updated themes and associated plugins to keep WooCommerce safe.


Unprotected Core Files

Despite being a secure platform the core files of WooCommerce website should be given extra protection by implementing restricted access to core files. Extra layer of password security creates enhanced protection from all kinds of breaches. Regularly backup files of the store in a separate drive. Prevention of editing core files is also necessary to keep WooCommerce secure.

Bottom Line

WooCommerce is a safe platform for e-Commerce as it is specialized for conducting secure transactions. Keeping WooCommerce safe is associated with regular scanning to detect any suspicious activity in the website and the behaviour of integrated plugins and extensions.


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