Security Concerns

WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities


Generally, WooCommerce is a secure Ecommerce platform and it is one of the fastest-growing Ecommerce plugins relied upon by millions of customers around the globe. WordPress has created a foolproof security system to protect clients from any WordPress plugin vulnerability. Still, hackers come up with new methods to attack its strong firewalls regularly. WordPress and WooCommerce suggest a number of actions to be taken by users to ensure maximum security and prevention from malicious attacks.


Following important WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities are the most common issues faced by users. Solutions are also provided with plugin vulnerabilities and expert services from WP Concierges cater towards all issues faced by users in running their online business.

WooCommerce Brute Force Plugin Attacks

These Brute Force Attacks are common attacks usually generated by the application of multiple attempts to log into the store by applying algorithm-based passwords to get unauthorized access in the Woo store. These attacks usually harm those stores having weak passwords. To prevent this kind of attack, it is always suggested to use strong passwords by mixing lower and upper case and numerals in the password.

SQL Injection in WooCommerce

This form of WooCommerce WordPress plugin vulnerability usually causes destruction of the MYSQL database in the web store and initiates unauthorized entry by manipulating the database. This WooCommerce plugin vulnerability allows severe attacks that give access to online store complete data. WooCommerce suggests keeping updated with the latest version of all plugins and themes integrated with the store.

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Malware Injection

Malware code can cause WooCommerce WordPress plugin vulnerability by infecting the Woo store with malicious code. This might be the result of using outdated themes and third-party plugins. This can cause increased usage of hosting data discreetly. It is recommended to never use broken or nullified themes. This malware can infect the core of online WooCommerce stores and cause plugin vulnerability.

XSS Attacks

Malicious JavaScripts are added to the WooCommerce website that can initiate unauthorized data collection and affect user experience with constant redirection to malicious sites. WooCommerce WordPress plugin vulnerability is affected by such Cross-site JavaScripts. It is always recommended to use formal data validation on Woo site. Plugins are available at WooCommerce stores to validate output data.

Crash Attack

Distributed Denial of Service DDOS is another WordPress WooCommerce plugin vulnerability where attackers cause repeated attempts in huge volumes to a specific site that crashes the server. It causes damage to the functioning and business of the website. To prevent these attacks it is recommended to use secure hosting platforms as they stop this attack before commencement and block unwanted attempts.

Obsolete WordPress WooCommerce Version Attack

Old versions of PHP run WordPress WooCommerce sites that cause vulnerability of the platform and are prone to attacks by malicious codes and hackers. It is always recommended to use the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress websites. Outdated versions do not contain patches for improvements in the security system. It is recommended to use the latest versions of plugins and update them regularly.

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Final Thoughts

In short WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities are mostly a result of using outdated items on the WooCommerce website. This may include themes, plugins, and general versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.


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