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WordPress Malware Removal


WordPress is the most used content management system for running websites including blogs, Ecommerce sites (WooCommerce), and other portfolio websites. Although it is generally a secure platform to run websites, still hackers attempt regularly to jeopardize the security and gain access to the content or add malware to the site that affects normal functioning. WordPress malware has spiked in the past year, these malware attacks can interfere with the database, security, and design of the websites. WordPress malware sometimes destroys the whole website. There are a number of WordPress Malware Removal procedures that can help website owners to protect the security of their platforms.


The following steps can make your site secure from any malware attack. If you are having trouble in carrying out these procedures, WP Concierges provides a complete WordPress Malware Removal Service by our expert consultants and WordPress experts.

Antivirus Malware Scan

The first step is to detect any malicious component in the WordPress website by conducting an antivirus scan by FTP of website data into the computer. During the download process, the infected components of the website will be highlighted, and this way we can initiate a WordPress Malware removal procedure by eliminating the infected components of the website.

Online Antivirus Scan

Another procedure is an online antivirus scan for WordPress Malware Removal. Online tools are available to conduct online scanning for malicious parts of the websites. WP Concierges also provides a complete website scanning service, where our experts will generate reports on website health and performance and make amends to remove any virus that is affecting the website.

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Backup WordPress and WooCommerce Websites

Backup all cPanel files from the host including MySQL and FTP databases to avoid data loss in case of a malicious data removal attack. It is the most important procedure to secure WordPress websites from malware.

Upgrade Versions

It is highly recommended to upgrade the WordPress website to the latest version as WordPress regularly checks for any malicious loopholes and covers them in new versions or patches from time to time. Therefore, always use the latest version of WordPress and the plugins integrated in the website. Plugins are the weak points where most hackers attack. Updating plugins is an essential step in protecting WordPress websites from attacks.

Integration of Security Plugins

Another important procedure for WordPress malware removal is the installation of security plugins. These plugins are provided to keep a check on the website’s activities and any malicious activity is instantly reported and removed via using these security plugins.

WordPress Passwords Protection

WordPress account passwords should be maintained with confidentiality and passwords should include difficult words and symbols to avoid any security breach. Admin default username should always be changed and non-generic passwords are best for protecting websites from DDoS attacks. There should be a limit imposed on password attempts.


Theme Malware

The most common occurrence of security breaches by hackers is conducted on WordPress websites using nullified themes. Upgraded versions should always be used to keep the website protected and check regularly for theme updates.

If you are having difficulties in maintaining security or you are facing suspicious activities on your site, it is recommended to use a professional service to conduct a security audit of the site. WP Concierges provide WordPress Malware Removal Service to clients. We conduct a complete security audit with our WordPress Malware Cleaner Services. Leave us a message regarding any security issue on WordPress or WooCommerce and our professional expert will get back to you and clean up the website.


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