WooCommerce Themes


WooCommerce is no doubt the most powerful e-commerce plugin in the world. The reason behind such unprecedented success is its CMS system that gives WooCommerce a strong and simplified interface for managing the website.


Along with WooCommerce powerful CMS, the ability to customize the store according to personal likeness makes it the most user-friendly platform. It also houses a number of WooCommerce themes in the WooCommerce marketplace. It offers both free and premium WooCommerce themes.


Although there are over a thousand themes available for integration with the WooCommerce store. Choosing one that fits right with a specific e-commerce store needs a few tests. The best compatible theme with WooCommerce requires minimum Addons and plugin integrations. Following features must be taken into account while deciding and finalizing them for applying to the store.

Responsive Product Page Template

The product page is usually the home page that lays out the products beautifully and it must be based on best WooCommerce storefront practices. The product page of the theme should display product images with cost details and reviews. All main products should be visible on the product page.

Shopping Cart Icon

The best theme shows the shopping cart icon on every page. It lets customers view the cart and at the same time surf around on the website. It lets customers checkout directly on any page that increases conversion.

Custom Checkout Page

Consider the checkout page that offers maximum customization. WooCommerce theme that offers customization allows owners to brand the checkout process in their own style.


Custom Cart Page

The WooCommerce theme’s cart page should be customizable where store owners can do branding. Custom cart page legitimizes e-commerce websites and impacts customers with a unified experience.

Product Page

A perfect product page theme displays all important details about the product including zoomable images, product reviews, sharing options, easy access variant selection, similar product add-ons, and quality image display. All these features are important for customer retention and conversion.


Reviews are already integrated into the WooCommerce CMS, therefore reviews must be displayed in a blending theme design on product pages as well as below images on product template pages.

Email Capturing Page

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy. Woo store owners should consider a theme that comes in a built-in email capturing form page. It keeps owners from limiting their plugin usage and designing.

Social Media Sharing

Nobody can deny the power of social media, so while considering the perfect theme for WooCommerce it is important to have social media sharing icons on every page. The more platforms, the more chances of sharing but it at least should have 3 major social icons on product pages and on the homepage.

homepage - plugins

WooCommerce Marketplace Themes

All these features are important while choosing a theme for the WooCommerce website. WooCommerce marketplace for themes hosts about 27 themes. 3 WooCommerce marketplace themes are free while 24 are premium themes.

Themes available at WooCommerce are:

All these themes are available in the theme store. Choose a theme that best fits the store niche whether it is a general merchandise store, a single product store, or a specific niche store. Themes play the most retentive role in retaining customers on the e-commerce store.

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