Order PostBack Pro for Woocommerce


Order PostBack Pro for Woocommerce is a plugin that allows you to “post” or perform a “get” of Woocommerce order data to any URL.

Features of the Pro Version:

1.)  Allows you to post to any number or URLs.

2.) Configure an incoming and outgoing click id.

3.) Sets a Cookie for all incoming variables that can be used in the postback url parameters

4.) Create your own custom key value pairs.  You define the keys and values or use the order value replacements for the outgoing values. All standard billing shipping fields are replaceable from the order.  View the list on the Plugin Page.

5.) Add a retargeting pixel to your sites footer.

6.) Use either the post or get method.

7.) Only fire when an incoming click id is set.

8.) Great for custom order scripts

9.) Works for affiliate network pixel server 2 server setups.

To order or view the documentation checkout the plugin page